expand diagonally to unlock houses (you can expand up to 33 times)

lvl up/water slower crops first

you can lvl up crops before they sprout the first time

collect mushrooms every 3-4 min (1= +2, 2= +5, 3= +10)

in snack attack, pick 5-6 cards in the middle (screenshot)

in snack attack, try to get 2♡ cards to get 1

play snack attack with the 1st 3 characters to get ♥ (recommended)

characters give you ♥ at lvl 2>6>10>15(MAX)

you can get 96  if you max all 24 characters

Lvl up characters to incr. xp by 10% (Lvl2= 50% - Lvl15= 180%)

watch videos for 1♥

download an app for <5♥

take easy free online quizzes for <5 

save 100 for red velvet cupcakes and pumpkin pie (optional)

you (currently) don't need red velvet cupcakes or pumpkin pie for hybridizing

you need red velvet cupcakes to unlock the puppy


March Hare's House

White Rabbit's Garden

Tweedle Twin's House

The Dodo's House

Maidon du Humpty (Lvl 30)

Functional Deco:

Lvl 4- tea cart (80c: 1hr)

Lvl 5- ice cream stand (100xp: 1hr)

Lvl 7- angel statue (300xp: 3hr)

Lvl 8- gardening shed (hybridize crops: 30min)

Lvl 9- water lily planter (500c: 3hr)

Lvl 11- wonderful watering can (incr crops: 10min)

Lvl 12- Pat's pantry (1800xp: 4hr)

Lvl 12- Pat's pantry premium (4800: 4hr)

Lvl 14- marble fountain (2000c: 1d)

Lvl 14- miracle well (incr crops by 2 sq)

Lvl 17- rainbow watering can (speeds crop: 10min)

Lvl 23- chocolate watering can (incr crop: 1hr)

Lvl 24- scoreboard (2500xp: 1d)

Lvl 25- croquet contest banner (4500xp: 4hr)

Lvl 25- croquet contest banner premium (4800xp: 4hr)

Lvl 32- angel's cradle (10000xp: 1d) Lvl 35- honey watering can (speeds crop: 1hr)


Lvl 1- pocket (50)

Lvl 8- small basket (100)

Lvl 14- medium sack (150)

Lvl 20- large satchel (300)

Lvl 35- wheelbarrow (500)

Lvl 45- big backpack (800)

Lvl 60- garden trolley (2000)

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