New Alice's Mad Tea Party Sweet


Unlock Treats:

Lvl 1- fruit cake, sugar cubes

Lvl 4- shortbread cookies

Lvl 7- roll cake

Lvl 10- caramels

Lvl 14- trippleberry scones

Lvl 18- red velvet cupcakes

Lvl 22- carrot cake

Lvl 27- pumpkin pie Lvl 32- Lemon Bars

Hybrize Crops:

Raspberry Cheesecake= fruit cake L5+ sugar cubes L5

French Cruller= shortbread cookies L5+ sugar cubes L5

Gumdrops= caramels L5+ fruit cake L10

Un-birthday Cake= raspberry cheesecake L10 + french cruller L10

Macaroons= trippleberry scones L10+ raspberry cheesecake L10

Candycanes= gumdrops L10+ trippleberry scones L10

Lollipops= candycanes L10+ fruit cake L20

Cherry Tarts= macaroons L10+ sugar cubes L20

Pecan Pie= cherry tart L10+ caramels L30

Licorice= lollipops L10+ roll cake L20

Tiramisu= un-birthday cake L10+ lollipops L10

Coffee Cake= tiramisu L10+ shortbread cookies L20

Cookies= lemon bars L15 + coffee cake L15

Ice Cream= licorice sticks L15 + cookies L15

Hidden seed=Red Velvet Cup Cake+Raspberry Cheese Cake 

Hidden seed=Nonpareils+Candy Canes 

Hidden seed=Lemon cake + French Cruller 

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